Saturday, 13 August 2016

     Feeling grateful. When I first moved to the West Coast British Columbia, Canada, life was full of so many questions and possibilities. It was a big change from Toronto and I had to start from scratch after a house fire which left my partner at the time and I virtually homeless. 3 months after settling into Vancouver, I opened my new practice at Kerrisdale Chiropractic & Massage. One of my first clients was a friend of the receptionist there; she kindly wanted to help me develop a client base and introduce people to the work I do. 

     Fast forward 12 yrs, I'm still treating this wonderful client, but today he has a wife and kids and they were telling their 3 yr old and 2 yr old today, I am their friend and I help make daddy feel better again. So cute. Ironically not too many years back, he had been talking about his mother (who has a very unusual name) and how she was still having a tough time after the death of her best friend. I asked him more questions and I realized it was my former partner's mother who was her friend and even though I didn't know him at the time, we had been attending that same funeral together so many years before, shortly before I moved here. He described the church, the service and how he knew my former mother in law, yet all these years we had never known we had met before but under very different circumstances.

     Sometimes the mysteries of life and our interconnections and roles with one another take years to reveal themselves.  Other times they remain just that, a mystery.  Either way, life has many beautiful possibilities, new friends are made, old ones part from one another.  Love holds deeply and roots and re-routes us to new places, people and possibilities. 

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